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We are an official distributor of 100% real K2 Incense. Be wary of low quality fakes, replicas, and other products that are currently flooding the market, as they may bear the K2 name – they are indeed imposters. Our K2 Herb formula is top secret and the ingredients are the highest quality on the market; The other products simply do not compare. A quick way to tell if the K2 weed is fake is by the name and labeling. We are currently only producing 6 types of K2 Incense, these are K2 Standard, K2 pink, K2 Summit, K2 Blonde,  Blue and Citron. If you find one with a different name you can bet your bottom dollar it is not Official K2 weed™.

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What Is K2 Incense?

An Associated Press report said K2 blend is a mixture of herbs and spices applied with a synthetic chemical compound similar to that of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Commonly labeled as “incense,” the substance gives the person a high by smoking it.
Exactly what is in our K2 weed Smoke?

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Our k2 weed is an assortment of luscious leaves that vary between one aroma to the next, however we use a collection of unique elements to give our k2 incense it’s truly calm and relaxed effects. In contrast to rumors, K2 weed is a blend of botanicals and herbs which are combined along with a range of proprietary ingredients. The base herbal & botanical ingredients for all of the blends include:
* Canavalia rosea
* Clematis vitalba
* Nelumbo nucifera
* Pedicularis grandifolia
* Heimia salicifolia
* Leonurus sibiricus
* Ledum palustre
Where can I buy K2 weed online?

You can buy k2 weed right here through our online store. We use secure credit card processing with free home delivery on all orders. All orders are shipped USPS mail in an unmarked box or envelope to ensure discreet delivery. You must be 18 years of age to buy this product.